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Who we are

CAP NEW YORK SHANGHAI has established an AWARD-WINNING PROFILE IN FUTURISTIC WORK, using cutting-edge digital design and production techniques. Since the inception of our office, we have been at the forefront of designing projects that leverage the most advanced technologies available to designers. We are constantly active in inventing design techniques, experimenting with the latest fabrication technologies, and incorporating innovative business models in designs. Our goal is to continue to stay at the fore front of innovation in the design practice. We take pride in the results of this diligence: consistently intelligent, beautiful designs.

ARCHITECTURAL RECORD awarded us "DESIGN VANGUARD 2004" as "one of eleven practices building the future" and  we were also nominated to the prestigious "ORDOZ PRIZE". The work of the firm has been called " Elegant and virtuoso using the computer for the most beautiful compositions...The designs are immaculate, crisp and coherently detailed..." by ZAHA HADID.



Design Team
Selected Clients

   FEIDAD Award   

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